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Wildfire Tapas Bar and Grill


Modelled on the informal style of New York's Grill Restaurants, upstairs features the Wildfire Grill Restaurant offering a wide range of different Breeds and Cuts of Beef cooked over coal as well as starters, salads and a selection of other meats and local fish.

Upstairs in the Grill, enjoy dining on a variety of different cuts of beef, now served with an added option of 'toppers' for each of the 12 different styles of steak dishes available, cooked over coal; to give you that real authentic flavour.

Downstairs at Fuegos, relax and enjoy 'Small Plates' & 'tapas' plus a range of our quality steaks and other main dishes whilst sipping on a tempting Cocktail. Why not try the Porn Star Martini? 

Meet a few friends out in the 'Porn Star Bar' & have a few cocktails taking full advantage of the tapas and cocktail packages available.

All open seven days a week. Wildfire is the place to be if you love meat

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