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Welcome to Chambers - the best pub, restaurant and live music venue in Jersey Channel Islands. We are the islands favourite place for live music, entertainment and great food. Chambers has something for everyone.

Chambers has the longest bar in Jersey! There was a time when Chambers was thought to have the longest bar in Europe, alas this is a myth nonetheless it is still one very long bar! With so much to choose from and having some of the best barstaff around, we will never let you down. We also have a cocktail bar with not only some of the most legendary and classic cocktails but also some new ones as well. Since Chambers' doors opened in 1994 it has been one of the favorite watering holes of the Jersey community and still retains the same atmosphere and charm. It wont just be the drinks that will keep you coming back but the fantastic staff and the great times!!

Chambers is renowned for its bar services and wide range of drinks, there is nothing like it in Jersey. Come and check it out for yourself you will be welcomed by a friendly face who will aim to please you any way possible. We have something for everyone from a cold refreshing pint of Fosters to the new and exclusive premium Stella Black. Or if you are a spirit drinker we have a range from Smirnoff Red to Grey Goose and from Gordons to the unique taste of Hendricks Gin. And finally after a wait of nearly 10 years we have re-introduced real ales. You'll always find a perfect pint of Directors, and a changing guest ale.

We honestly believe we have one of the best wine lists on the island. We didn't want to bore you with endless pages of wines, so we kept it simple. Whether you're after a nice large, cold glass of False Bay Sauvignon Blanc or a bottle of Don David Malbec with your steak we've got a wine which will suit your situation and palate. Just ask for a wine list at the bar.

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